Hi frinds welcome back to my tech blog, today in this article I am going to explain how to print id cards or documents received in whatsapp. This is very clear and point to point tutorial that will make you a pro to getting print of any document that received in your whatsapp.

How to print id cards or documents received in whatsapp - How to print aadhar from whatsapp

Doing this in a easy way you have to need ms powerpoint installed in your computer. Power point have powerfull tools that make provide full controll for images. Using power point you can easily do the folling operations on a image like : Croping image in PowerPoint, Roatating image in PowerPoint, Brightness adjustment image in PowerPoint, Apply outline on the image image in PowerPoint etc.

But the default page size of the powerpoint is not printable on the A4 size. So after doing many research on the page size of powerpoint. I successfully created a template for printing images or text on the A4 size.

For downloading the template of printing on the A4 size, The download button is given below. Just download it.

This file is free for downloading before December 2022
Download : For Latest version of PowerPoint
Download : For Older version of PowerPoint

After downloading the template file, you need to just open it (make sure ms powerpoint is installed in your computer or laptop ). Then start using this template. Second thing, you can save it after printing or use as blank template.

Tips : How to use this template ? Whenever you received any image on your whatsapp and that need to print on A4 size, then just open the Multicare_A4_Template and import the images, adjust the size, crop, rotate then print it.

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