Hi friends, Today in this article I am going to tell you how to delete about info in whatsapp. Whatsapp has a feature that you can put some short information about you in the whatsapp, and this short information will be visible to other whatsapp users like your friends, family.

How to delete about status in whatsapp

Sometimes we don’t want to give any short information in whatsapp, so that we want to set our about section as blank. So in this article you will get exactly the same that is how to set about info as blank in whatsapp.

Step 1–) First of all you have to copy some hidden or magic text from the below button (copy magic text).

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Copied Successfully

Step 2–) After that open your whatsapp application and goto the about section, and edit the about info and paste the same, and click ok to save changes.

Step 3–) Now you are done! Enjoy blank about section of whatsapp.

WhatsApp blank about | blank about in WhatsApp

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