The Action Center in Windows 10 is a handy feature that provides quick access to important settings and actions. Within the Action Center, you can find “Quick Actions” that allow you to toggle common features on or off with a single click. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Windows 10 Action Center’s Quick Actions effectively.

Accessing the Action Center

To use Quick Actions, you first need to access the Action Center:

  1. Click on the Action Center icon in the taskbar. It’s the icon that looks like a speech bubble or message box.
  2. The Action Center will slide in from the right side of the screen.

Using Quick Actions

Once you’re in the Action Center, you can access Quick Actions:

  1. In the Action Center, you’ll see a row of square icons at the bottom. These are your Quick Actions.
  2. Click on any of the icons to toggle the corresponding feature or setting. Here are some of the most common Quick Actions:
  • Wi-Fi: Quickly turn Wi-Fi on or off.
  • Bluetooth: Enable or disable Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Night Light: Adjust your screen to reduce blue light at night.
  • Airplane Mode: Enable or disable Airplane Mode to turn off all wireless communication.
  • Focus Assist: Activate or deactivate Focus Assist for minimizing distractions.
  • Location: Toggle location services on or off.
  1. You can customize the Quick Actions that appear in the Action Center:
  • Click on “Expand” at the bottom of the Quick Actions to reveal more options.
  • Click “Edit” to customize which Quick Actions are displayed.
  1. You can add or remove Quick Actions from the Action Center by dragging and dropping icons in the “Edit Quick Actions” menu.

Customizing Quick Actions

You can customize the arrangement and visibility of Quick Actions to better suit your needs:

  1. Click on “Edit” in the Action Center’s Quick Actions section.
  2. A settings window will open, allowing you to rearrange and enable or disable Quick Actions.
  3. Drag and drop Quick Action icons to reorder them.
  4. Toggle switches to turn Quick Actions on or off.


Quick Actions in Windows 10’s Action Center provide a convenient way to access and manage various settings and features with just a click. Whether you need to enable or disable connectivity options, change display settings, or activate focus modes, Quick Actions help streamline these tasks for a more efficient user experience.

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