Dear friends, Today in this article I am going to share, how to know the register mobile number into your aadhar card. Sometime when we try to download our Aadhar copy from the website then, it will send an OTP to register mobile number. That OTP will used to download the Eaadhar.


As we know many people change their mobile number very frequently and they are unaware of this serious problem that his mobile number is mapped with many services like the bank, aadhar card, EPFO, etc.

Or sometimes we give our number to our relatives, so it is a little bit ok at least the number is in our reach. Now, we need to download our eaadhar but OTP is not coming to our mobile. Then, we need to check which mobile number is registered with this aadhar card. To verify this click on the below button. Before clicking on the button, Please make sure you have aadhar number.

Verify Aadhar Mobile


  1. Enter your 12 digit Aadhar number (UID)
  2. Entr Captcha Verifivation code shown in picture
  3. Click on Proceed button


So finally you will get last 3 digits of your mobile number, And now you can easily understand which mobile number is register with your aadhar card.

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