If you’re a Windows user, you may have come across various editions and versions of the operating system. Windows 10 Pro N is one such edition that may have piqued your interest. In this article, we will delve into what Windows 10 Pro N is, what sets it apart from the standard Windows 10 Pro, and why it exists.

Understanding Windows 10 Pro N

Windows 10 Pro N is a specific edition of the Windows 10 operating system that was introduced by Microsoft as a result of legal actions taken by the European Commission and European Union. The “N” in Windows 10 Pro N stands for “Not with Media Player,” and this version of Windows was created to address antitrust concerns regarding Microsoft’s inclusion of Windows Media Player in their operating system.

Key Characteristics of Windows 10 Pro N

  1. Media Features Omitted: The most notable difference between Windows 10 Pro N and the standard Windows 10 Pro is the absence of Windows Media Player and related multimedia technologies. This was done to comply with European regulations that promote fair competition and prevent the dominance of a single media player.
  2. Reduced Bloatware: Due to the removal of media-related features, Windows 10 Pro N often has a cleaner, more streamlined installation with less pre-installed software and media content.
  3. Availability: Windows 10 Pro N is primarily available in European markets, although it’s not limited to them. Users in other regions can also install Windows 10 Pro N if they prefer a media-free experience.
  4. Compatibility: In terms of hardware and software compatibility, Windows 10 Pro N is no different from the regular Windows 10 Pro. You can run the same applications and drivers on both versions.

How to Get Windows 10 Pro N

Getting Windows 10 Pro N is relatively straightforward. You can acquire it through the following methods:

  1. Purchase: You can buy Windows 10 Pro N as a standalone edition or as an upgrade from a previous version of Windows. Microsoft’s official website and authorized retailers offer licenses for this edition.
  2. Volume Licensing: Organizations and businesses can obtain Windows 10 Pro N licenses through Microsoft’s volume licensing programs.
  3. ISO Download: If you already have a valid Windows 10 Pro N product key, you can download the Windows 10 Pro N ISO file from the Microsoft website and perform a clean installation.


Windows 10 Pro N is essentially the same as Windows 10 Pro, with the notable exception of the absence of Windows Media Player and associated multimedia features. It was introduced to ensure compliance with European regulations on competition and fairness in the technology market. For most users, the choice between Windows 10 Pro N and the standard Windows 10 Pro comes down to personal preference. If you’re in a region where Windows 10 Pro N is available, and you prefer a more minimalistic installation without media-related bloatware, this edition might be the right choice for you.

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