In today’s digital age, staying focused can be challenging due to the constant influx of notifications, emails, and messages. Windows 10 has a feature called “Focus Assist” that helps you minimize distractions and concentrate on your tasks. In this guide, we’ll show you how to enable and configure Focus Assist in Windows 10.

Enabling Focus Assist

  1. Click on the “Start” button, and then select the “Settings” (gear-shaped) icon.
  2. In the Settings window, click on “System.”
  3. On the left sidebar, select “Focus Assist.”
  4. In the Focus Assist settings, you can choose from three modes:
  • Off: No notifications are suppressed.
  • Priority Only: You’ll see only notifications from a priority list you can customize.
  • Alarms Only: Only alarms and reminders will break through.
  1. You can also schedule when Focus Assist turns on and off by clicking on “Automatic rules.”
  2. Create rules to specify when Focus Assist activates. For example, you can set it to activate during certain hours or when you’re duplicating your display during a presentation.

Customizing Priority List

You can customize the priority list to ensure that important notifications reach you even when Focus Assist is active.

  1. In the Focus Assist settings, click on “Customize your priority list.”
  2. You can add contacts, apps, and specific people whose notifications you don’t want to miss.
  3. Click on “Add priority contact” to select important contacts.
  4. Under “Customize your priority list,” you can choose to allow calls or messages from repeated contacts to break through Focus Assist.

Quiet Hours and Automatic Rules

Windows 10’s Focus Assist allows you to set specific quiet hours and automatic rules to tailor your experience.

  1. Click on “Quiet hours” in the Focus Assist settings to customize the hours during which Focus Assist is enabled.
  2. Click on “Automatic rules” to create rules based on your schedule or activities. You can set rules for work, gaming, or other scenarios.

Using Focus Assist

Once Focus Assist is enabled and configured to your liking, it will work silently in the background, ensuring that you receive only the notifications you consider essential during your chosen time periods. This can help you stay focused and productive without constant interruptions.


Windows 10’s Focus Assist is a valuable feature for maintaining your concentration and managing notifications. By enabling and customizing it, you can enjoy a more distraction-free computing experience during your busy work or study hours, while still ensuring that important messages and alerts reach you when they’re needed.

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